Wednesday, February 3, 2010


owh,wow..dah lame rupenye saye tak 'berblog'..hahaha..mcm terlupa sekejap that i actually have a kemalasanku,scientifically proved.lolss..

anywaysss..there's a reason for my is pretty hectic lately..with assignments and testsss and tutorials and group discussions and shoppingsss ;p and stuff,, sooooo...i pretty much don't even have time to babble anything here..kekeke..okla.fine.saye malas jugak sbnanye..;)))

urmmm..this might be old news,but superjunior is coming to m',finally~~i'm sooooooooooooooo excited..i have to Q for like,forever,just to buy the tickets..and thank god we still got the tickets..and i cant wait for march to comeeeeeeee!;)))))

owh,tapi march ade end of sem exam..danggg..

for those yang still dont know who superjunior is,,pls check'em out!:)