Monday, December 28, 2009

knape la ko hensem sgt...............


asl ssh sgt nk jmpe lelaki yg mcm donghaeeeeeeeeeeee????kan fara kan?haha

tdi i've just finished 'browsing' through some old pictures of donghae and tetibe cam rase die hensem sgt..hahahaha..even smak has to agree with me..lols

mayb i should get back to reality.i wont find one like him.okay,reality sucks.and it sucks that i hav testssss (bnyk okayyy) next week.and it sucks that i hav to study now.ok bye sume orggggg~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


okay urmm..i dunno how to start this.first of all, i just wanna make sure that u guys bear in your precious minds that i'm not a perv..i saw this thing by accident when this bunch of ppl were checking this thing out.....haha.once again,i aint no perv...LOL
okay let me just get straight to the point.i saw elephant's reproductive system.a male elephant's.for the first time in my 22 years of life.and it's huge.and i sound like a pervert..smak,ak dah cakap tanak buat post nihhhhhhhhhhhh..hahahaha..
ok,we check it out just out of curiousity sbb kat dlm buku bio ckp that thing can grow up to 6metres long..can you believe that?...........ok jom tuka

it's kinda weird laa sbb kalau pegi zoo xpenah nampak pn, seumur hidup.criusly..ok,it's not like i go to the zoo all the time,but ppl never really notice about it i guess..atun cakap,org zoo taped 'that thing' to the elephant's stomach so that org xnmpak that children wont get traumatized or something..haha.xtau la betul ke tak kan sbb as far as i'm concerned,atun xpenah lagi la keje kat zoo..hihi :P
oklah,jom kite layan gamba2 gajah yg chomellllllllll.let's get back to our innocent selves..hahahaaa~

danggg..xjumpe gmba gajah chomelll..carik ah sndiri..i've got assignments to do..haha.bye.owh,dont fget to visit your nearest zoo~lols

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


saye malasssss...
pastu sakit tekak
rse cam nk flu
sebab kne hujan semalam..i think laa
pastu saye rsa drowsy the whole day.............
tadi kat kelas saye tido sje..sian Dr.Assuntha...;p
sekian terima kasihhhh...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


How weird isit that i started my 1st post with the word 'finally'...?haha.well actually dah lma rse nk buat blog nh but cam ada je halangan (sbnarnye malas nk mampos ;p) n suddenly rse cam rajin plak so here i am.^^ so finally dah ada blog laa..:)
ok for this very first post,i wanna share psl my encounter with encik b*bi (the real one,not a metaphor okayyy) semalam..
urmm..tapiiiiii cam tak sesuai plak 1st post dah cite psl mnde later la okayyy..^^
owh thanks to fara yg excited2 to see my blog..hahahaa:D dunno la bole keep dis blog uptodate ke tak..well as i mentioned,i'm not very rajin...n sgt mengantok skrg nih.very..hahaa.we'll just hv to wait n see...;)