Thursday, September 23, 2010

To you

Pardon my recent MIA..i've been pretty busy recently..(well it's more of my laziness to be honest.) didn't really feel like writing anything up here..i've been away for a eurotrip actually.we went to Paris and Rome.but i don't wanna talk about that here.if nak tengok gambar,feel free to view 'em in my facebook okies.:)

Today's actually my mum's bday and that's the main reason i'm writing this entry.
Well,,there's a whole lot of things i'm wishing for my beloved mum and i would have to spend the whole night writing if i were to write all of 'em up i guess i'm just gonna say this:

Mak, i love you. i'm grateful that you're still here with me. and i'm grateful that you're such a strong person who would always be there for me. praying for me. worrying about me...owh,don't worry too much mak. i'm a big girl now. if i don't call you for more than 3 days, don't worry. your daughter might be away somewhere in Paris.LOL. (sorry for not calling you while i was away.i'll never do that again):P always take care of your health,jangan lupa makan ubat..and ultimately, Happy Birthday Mak..i love much!:)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Salam Lebaran dari Glasgow..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri maaf zahir&batin kepada semua..andai ada silap dan salah harap dimaafi..:)

I personally feel that Ramadhan kali ini is definitely more meaningful than previous years..tu la hikmah kot first time berpuasa di perantauan..walaupun berpuasa lebih lama, kemanisan Ramadhan lebih dirasai di sini (cewahh)..hopefully even after Ramadhan pun,still bole maintain~:P and hopefully bole bertemu kembali the next Ramadhan..Ameen~:)

Syawal kali ni mesti la berbeza dari last year sebab this year is the first time i'm gonna celebrate it without my family..makkkk,,i'm gonna miss your ketupat daun palas yang sedap itu, but takpe la.nanti nurul balik mak masak ketupat banyak-banyak okay?:P

Ok lah.2nd day raya dah nak g eurotrip.gottago do some packingssss..ahh malassss!!

owh,jom layan lagu raya one of my favourite la (paling suka lagu anuar zain n elina tu.hehe) but this song cam lagi sesuai je (cuba dgr lyrics dia betul2)..hehe.ok layannnn~

Sunday, September 5, 2010

wajib tayang :P

I stumbled across this video in someone's blog and it really touched my heart and i feel like i really have to share it with others (in case u haven't seen it before:P). so please watch this! :) tak rugi pun.just a few minutes.^^

And this is the full story of how Rubben embraced Islam (which is very2 interesting). so please watch this also.:))

I think these videos said let's altogether RENUNG-RENUNGKAN~ :)