Monday, March 29, 2010

post exam life

my life after exam is pretty great so far..well,,apart from the horrible attachment that i have to go..
as i mentioned on the previous post, super junior is coming to malaysia, and yes!they had came!!!! and completely fulfilled my wish by putting up a super awesome performanceeeeeeee!!!!i just cant believe that i got to actually see them performing front of my eyesssssss...hahhahaa..donghae's super good looking as usual..and he came to our seat for like, many times and he's super super nice by giving biscuits and stuff to fans..gotta love him even moreeee...:))) and we even go and stalked them at this korean restaurant right after the show..but there's only ryeowook and heechul's better if donghae was there!:P anywayss,,i got to hold heechul's super soft hands (okay,i might exaggerate a bit.haha) when he walked by me..hahhahahhaa..the next day,,thanks to this super nice driver uncle, we were told that suju's going to pavilion so we went there to try our luck la.if we're lucky then we can see them.and just by the time we reached pavi,, we saw this bunch of girls running so we just follow them cus we're pretty sure they're suju's fans..and yes!i guess we're lucky enough cus suju was there..with like,more than 10 bodyguards surrounding's just crazy..i saw donghae and the fans were screaming like crazy..we just followed them around and after a quick tour in pavi,they went out.i mean,it's impossible for them to shop in pavi cus there were like,tons of fans there..that night at 11.30pm they left malaysia..T T i hope they will come again to malaysia cus if they do,i wouldnt think twice of buying their's worth every single cents.hahaa~ there i got a pic as a proof.;)

okay,now about the attachment is in hospital tunku jaafar,seremban and this time it's a 5days attachment and we have to find good cases for our presentation in Strathclyde..and needless to say, it's pretty draining..i have to wake up really early cus me and my batchmates travel every day from bukit jalil to seremban hospital..and we have to be there by 8.30am.and i got home at about 6++pm everyday..for the first day,it's really really tiring..i cant imagine how can i handle my life later when i really work as a pharmacist..gosh~ when i got home, i go straight up to my, 11pm (which is early for me) i dozed off already..
by the 3rd day,things got better la..and i kinda enjoy the attachment and i enjoy talking to the patients..even when they're not the patient for the cases that i's pretty interesting..and those makciks there thought that i was their doctor..haha.and later i have to explain that i'm actually a pharmacy student..

anywayss,,it's a good experience and seeing those patients reminds me a lot of my mother..i'm really thankful that she's pretty healthy and dont have to experience the experiences that these makciks have to go through..some of them were abondoned by their child and keep on waiting for their children to come during visiting hour,but none's really heartbreaking to see these patients..i just dont understand those kind of people who would do that their own,they should be jailed or something..right?a mother who abandoned her child can be arrested so the same should be applied to those child who abandoned their mother..fair and square.

okay,i wanna call my mom now.want to remind her to always take care of her health.and that i love her.very much!:)byeee~