Sunday, December 30, 2012



Oh wow. It's been a while since i last wrote anything here. I was busyyyy....and lazy, of course.:P
Ok so, 2012 is coming to an end. Today is the last day of 2012 in fact; and here i am alone in the pharmacy. Sebab Rahim took emergency leave sobs.

SO, a lot of things happened in 2012:

1) I survived the apocalypse. Hahaa;P

2) I turned 25 this yearrrrr uolss! A quarter of a decade. Wow. Oktakbestpun.

3) I bought a car. Hasil titik peluh. Teehee;)

4) I've finished my provisional training in Hospital Kulim. Sedih.
A year passed by super quickly, really. Time is indeed the fastest sprinter. Kalah Usain Bolt uolss. Well bila dah habis training tu, dapat new posting la kan. Alhamdulillah dapat stay in Kedah yang aman permai ni.:)
My current working place is Klinik Kesihatan Tawar, Baling. Compared to Hospital Kulim, this place is like, ten times smaller la. Patients pun tak ramai. Staff pun berapa kerat je. In pharmacy dept, there's only me and sorang Pembantu Pegawai Farmasi (Rahim la, as aforementioned.) So harihari mengadap muka orang yang sama je. Bosan tu tapayah cakap la.  Sedih tu memang la sedih sebab dah tak dapat jumpa my friends kat Kulim and environment kat sini pun is totally different. Tapi at the end of the day kena try to adapt lah. Hari first tu nanges jugak la hahaha (on first day je okayyy). But then again, kena redha. Redha and Redah jelaa. Everything happened for a reason right? And Allah knows best. At least i don't get posted to Sabah or Sarawak like some of my colleagues. So yang penting, POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE!:)

5) One of my bestfriend got engaged. Perasaan: Gembira plus sedih. I'm genuinely happy for her, but at the same time sedih la. Dulu we've made a promise that if both of us don't get married sampai tua, we're gonna stay together as housemates. Nak letak nama rumah tu Teratak Andartu haha. I guess that promise dah tak valid anymore hehe. Owh, don't ask me bila i'm gonna get married la because i don't have the answer to it. Soalan paling susah dalam dunia. Jawapan paling standard: "Ada orang masuk meminang nanti kahwin la." Okthanksbye. 
p/s: Part nak letak nama teratak andartu tu tipu je. Hahaa

6) I got into an accident. It happened last week, in fact. Masa tu cuti Christmas and i made a promise dengan Miss S nak tengok movie together. So at the parking lot, i trailed behind a silver Swift and masa tengah toleh kiri kanan mencari parking space, i didn't realized yang Swift tu brake. So bammm! langgar lah. Dahsyat sangattt! Accident pada kelajuan 10km/hr. Hahaa. But seriously, i was shocked la. Sebab bunyi dia dahsyat jugak la. Then bila check, plat number Swift tu patah and tercabut. And ada some scratch la. Tak kemek pun. But owner Swift tu mengada suruh bayar RM300. Mengada okayy! I was hesitant jugak la memula. But malas nak make a scene kat situ, so bayar je lah sobs. My car ok je Alhamdulillah. Well at least i tak langgar BMW ke, Porsche Cayenne ke kannn. *sedapkanhatisendiri*

7) Have i mentioned i survived the apocalypse? Ok lameee i know.

8) Urmmmmmm Ok can't think of any dah. Malas nak fikir. Lapar dah actually. Lunchtime lagi 1jammmmm.

Hurmhurmmm dah la panjangpanjang sangat nanti tak larat baca. 

Ok bye peopleee. See you all next year! Hehe:) May 2013 come with loads of happinesss! Ameen~ 


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This song pretty much sums up my feeling right now..