Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spain+Ski+Lab zzz

Okay people, I'm back,,from Spainnnnn.(like, 3 weeks ago actually) Should I blog in spanish then? No, poyo nak mampos thank you. In fact, I dont really know spanish words other than 'servicios', which means toilet; which is very important for travelers and girls, like me.haha. At least learning that word had been proven to be useful. Our Spain trip was interesting actually (with a lot of sleeping involved in between since it took about 2 hours to get from one city to another). For maklumat lanjut regarding this trip, boleh tengok kat smak punye fb. i malas nak upload gambar. sama je dgn smak punya..hehe:P

OK after the Spain trip, ade winter ski trip pulak. more to tadabbur alam actually.. i had fun meeting up new people and pengisian trip ni sangatlah awesome. it's great to be reminded about our purpose in life from time to time..Owh, but dont even mention about the skiing part though. it's SUPER exhaustinggggg! belum main lagi dah penat mengangkut ski yang berat tu. pastu kena panjat2 lagi with the ski boot that even left bruises on my legs. tak payah la nak dihurai panjang, that's gonna be my last ski ever.haha.

OK pastu start la balik with my research lab. the rat aortas must've been missing me so much no? ha.ha.. (+__+)

Owh, sempena di bulan January 2011 ni, jom kita layan lagu ini..

tiada kaitan dgn yg hidup mahupun yang mati ye..:P

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello again

Hurmmm..where to start?
I've been away for so long (too long,in fact, that i forgot that I actually have a blog) due to extremeeee laziness to write anything. These few days, I'd rather stare at the wall for hours than doing anything to be honest.

There's a lot of happenings in my life lately. Want some example? Okay how about the moment when I'm on the verge of tears in the lab, thanks to my bratty rat aorta?(I'm in the middle of my final year research project and have to work with rat aorta thank you very much), or the time when I had my first winter here in Glasgow?(in fact it's the first winter of my, and I went to London last 2 weeks (or is it last 3 weeks? I dunno.whatever). London's awesomeeee! I wanna get married and live there forever..NO.haha.not forever la.a few years will do.I'm serious.:P
Speaking of marriage,, a lot of my friends got married this month! (well, 2 can be considered A LOT right?) Not to mention, a lot (I lost count actually) were engaged also. Suddenly i feel old. urgh. Well, to those yang sudah bertunang and berkahwin, tahniah..:))

After a few boring weeks working with the super annoying rat aorta, I'll be having a Christmas breakkk yeayyyyyyyyyyyyy:D:D:D Owh in fact, I'm going to Spain on the 19th!!(which means there's only 2days left). Maybe i should start worrying about packing now that my bag is too small! zzzzzzzz

Rasa macam nak letak a few pics from my London trip but malas lah. Got some works to do. Sila tgk kat fb saya ye sekiannnn...