Sunday, May 2, 2010

what a day..

this morning, on my way to the hosp to do some medical checkup, i came across this girl on a bike at the traffic light.and i saw this guy, old enough to be someone's dad ogling his eyes out on her....and i feel totally disgusted.i mean, i know it's normal for a guy to check out a girl,but come one,,have some respect.for girls and for the people around you,,who might puke a little seeing you acting like that..

this disgusting guy reminds me of a certain someone and let me quote him here.
"Lelaki tak normal kalau takde 4 girlfriend.."

unbelievable.typical lelaki gatal punye words..kalau mampu then fine la kan.nak cukupkan empat tu pun tak kisah la as long as you can be fair and all..tapi kalau sampai dah nak differentiate between normal and tak normal tu based on your number of girlfriends then it sounds a little too much,no?as far as i'm concerned, he's the one who's not normal here.

owh, by the way,,i didn't do my medical checkup today..turned out, i cannot do the medical checkup because it's sunday.and they're gonna double charge me or something if i still wanna do it tomorrow it is! i can draaagggg my needle phobic head to next morning.

p/s: but the shoppingggggsss still worked as planned!LOL

Saturday, May 1, 2010


i suddenly feel like shoppinggggggggg...gosh..time2 camni la rase nak shopping kannn..when i have millions of other important stuff to buy,,suddenly rase nak berjolian..well,,considering the fact that i have to pay for the visa later,,i wouldn't have much money left in my account.but my banker aka my mom said she will pay for it,, which is really very good, but i feel bad and still considering of paying half of it (not that i couldn't claim the money later..LOL).

i better make a date with my sis she can be my driver + assistant of the day + my manager (?)..:P owh, whatever..i actually should've sleep by now..tomorrow's gonna be a long day..gotta wake up super early to pickup my sis' friend who's coming to our house..then gotta go do some medical checkup thingy..and then we're gonna watch ironman2..i mean, we really HAVE to watch it no matter what..and then i got some shopping to do..all the important stuff first..(not the kind of spree i'm longing for..) and then maybe after that we can safely head back home..and see if we still have time to pickup my brother from his office at 5..haha.i highly doubt that.and he's gonna kill us if we're not there by 5.i mean it.LOL